Baazi Founders

Our Torch Bearers

Winning is not all about the game, it’s about who you play with. Meet the founding team of Baazi Games.

Founder & CEO, Baazi Games

Navkiran Singh

Navkiran Singh founded Baazi Games in 2014 with his entrepreneurial hammer to chisel India’s first one-stop-shop online gaming platform. Being an avid sportsman and explorer, Navkiran was introduced to Poker in his yesteryears at Manipal University. Envisioning it’s potential, Poker in India needed a home-grown platform and Navkiran had just the skills to get started: Poker and Engineering. He set out to eliminate the social stigma associated with the sport and bring to light the potential of new skill-based professional sports in India. Leaving no stone unturned, Navkiran added further games to the Baazi portfolio that include Rummy and Fantasy Sports. Singh is a true flagbearer of the skill-based mind sport and stands tall with a customer-centric, responsible gaming brand that’s all about giving back to the community.

Co-Founder & COO, Baazi Games

Puneet Singh

The resoluteness of Puneet Singh has played a pivotal role in the growth of the Real Money Games (RMG) sector in India having worked closely alongside institutions like the IAMAI, AIGF, TORF & FIFS. The avid opening batsman looks for positions and plays at the right business opportunities. Coupled with Puneet’s optimization strategies, Baazi Games certainly pushed the boundaries and knocked this ball out of the park.

Co-Founder & COO, Baazi Games

Anirudh Chaudhry

The man with a plan, Anirudh Chaudhry works in silence and lets the numbers make the noise. His risk-assessing abilities and solid measures to overcome any potential bouncers ensure that chasing the target of becoming India’s No.1 Online Gaming network is smooth sailing for us.

Co-Founder & Director of Technology, Baazi Games

Avneet Rana

From nine to five to something I can call mine. An engineer by qualification, Avneet Rana started his professional career at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in 2012. Rana jumped off the corporate bandwagon to join hands with his comrade Navikiran Singh to finally put his tech skills to play in his own home-turf. True to his talent and hard-working spirit, Rana alongside the team rolled out PokerBaazi 1.0, the first brainchild of Baazi Games. Avneet holds great insights on the digital future of virtual gaming in India and translates it with every product that has made Baazi Games what it is today.

Co-Founder & Marketing Director, Baazi Games

Varun Ganjoo

Varun Ganjoo, a civil engineer by qualification, envisions building bridges between products and players with a creative foundation that cements a place in the heart of consumers. Today, the brand stands tall with 7.5 million users across verticals. Baazi Games seemed a far-fetched reality in the nascent years of Varun’s career. Ganjoo’s fiery spirit and passion for Poker meant he had to be a part of the foundation stones that were being laid by his fellow college friends for Baazi Games. There was no looking back from there on as Varun’s creative eye has gone onto build some of India’s beloved online sporting spectacles.

Co-founder & CEO, BalleBaazi

Saurabh Chopra

Saurabh Chopra has been the CEO of BalleBaazi since he started his stint with Baazi Games. A true blue business analyst, strategist and a master blaster with customer acquisition, Saurabh is pitch-perfect for Brand BalleBaazi. His passion for sports and a keen eye for marketing trends in the online gaming space has him lead a team that bleeds blue.

CEO, RummyBaazi

Sunit Warraich

A graduate in Economic Honours, Sunit joined the Baazi family in 2016, heading the fraud detection division and overseeing operations. In 2019, Sunit was handed over the bat for Baazi Games’ newest avatar, RummyBaazi. Profiling his customers, knowing what makes them tick and keeping current trends in mind, Sunit grew the brand to what stands at a 5 lakh user base today.

CFO, Baazi Games

Gaurav Kapoor

A battle-hardened professional, Gaurav Kapoor has played on different pitches before joining our core team. From Compliance to Investors Relations and then onto Fund Management, he is an all-rounder, ever eager to fetch glory for Baazi Games with his calming presence and never-say-never attitude.

Head HR, Baazi Games

Smriti Chaudhry

Smriti’s keen eye for talent has enabled Baazi Games to house the country’s most skilled, self-driven, passionate resources who are dedicated towards building the future of the organisation. Under her able guidance, the company is shaping up to become one of the most sought after companies to work with. She is at the helm of driving change and building a work culture which nurtures talent and breeds leaders.

Head of Business Intelligence, Baazi Games

Sudeep Godara

Sudeep is a seasoned management professional in the Real Money Gaming industry. Armed with applied behaviour analysis, business analytics, business development, and marketing strategy, Sudeep helps drive the brand towards the vision of being India’s go-to platform for all things online gaming.

CSO, BalleBaazi

Parth Sharma

Online Skill Gaming is the first industry of the 21st century fortunate enough to study & observe real-time user-generated content and Parth has championed this as the CSO of BalleBaazi, the online fantasy gaming offshoot of Baazi Games. He plays a pivotal role in data analysis and drives optimization in product development, marketing and business strategies. Parth’s corporate stint with Credit Suisse as a senior analyst and his prior role of ‘Fixed Income Market Analyst’ makes him just the player that the Baazi Games team needs.

Co-founder & COO, BalleBaazi

Puneet Dua

An incubator, innovator, marketer qualified from Nottingham Trent University, Puneet Dua, fondly known as Dua Ji, is always ready to stretch his limits for the team. Since he has always been around entrepreneurs in his family, who are credited with grooming one of India’s finest schools, Modern Barakhamba, his natural entrepreneurial abilities has empowered BalleBaazi to become a force to be reckoned with in the fantasy sports arena. The versatile professional makes planning and execution, equally fun.